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Pitch Class Set Theory

The purpose of this site is to offer composers and music theorists the opportunity to investigate the world of Pitch Class Set Theory. A unique aspect of this site which sets itself apart from others is the option to display PC sets and composition designs in musical notation. This feature could be useful for notation sets for inclusion in theoretical writing, and for composers who may want to notate compositional designs. This site is essentially a web interface into my Pitch Class Set Java library, and is organized around the library's main elements of Pitch Class Set, Pitch Set, Pitch Class Sequence, Pitch Sequence, Row, Composition Design, Contour, and Scale. This site is not a tutorial pon Pitch Class Set Theory, though most of the main categories begin with a refresher on the respective topic. Rather, it is meant to be an interactive tool for exploring the properties of various sets and sequences, and for enabling composers to create designs of their own.